Developing With Investors In Mind

Real Estate investors who work with Timber Ridge Builders have the tools they need to invest confidently and profitably, due to our practice of employing an intense development process. This process includes:

  • Interviewing and hiring of builders and subcontractors.
    We conduct extensive interviews to find only appropriate, competent workers to implement construction plans. We choose the workers we’re associated with carefully so the Timber Ridge name is known only for quality — always.
  • Setting quality specifications and inspecting homes.
    Every home for sale will be built strictly to Timber Ridge Builders’ quality control specifications and thoroughly inspected by Timber Ridge Builders prior to listing for quality assurance. We will not attach the Timber Ridge Builders name to any project that is sub par, guaranteed.
  • Researching the surrounding area.
    We want the investors who choose to work with Timber Ridge Builders to be successful. To aid investors, we thoroughly research the areas of all planned developments to provide detailed information on the local economies, rental markets, sustainability of prices, and more.
  • Building quality housing affordably.
    Real estate investors can only make profits on their ventures if the properties they’re buying are worth buying. Investors who work with Timber Ridge Builders know that we build homes at or above the quality of other similarly priced homes in the same area, and we build them at or below the average selling price for homes in that neighborhood.

Simply put, we put years of process design and construction expertise to work for investors, creating communities in high-growth areas at or below market price. This is valuable and profitable for us as well as our investors, and we believe it’s just a smart and fair way to do business.


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